Friday, 1 April 2016

Oops I Bleached Again Featuring Bblonde Products

Every couple of years I decide to give my hair a break and go back to a more natural blonde state. I add plenty of low-lights for the golden blonde I was born with, however, after a while I get bored and want it platinum all over again. 

I originally went to a salon but I wasn't impressed with the final colour so I decided it was a bright idea to bleach it at home. After a first successful attempt I thought this would be a good idea to keep roots at bay in between professional appointments. It will definitely help with the money side of things!

I would not advise bleaching from home without at least a consultation from a hairdresser. 
However if you already have bleached hair these are some products I would recommend using. 

Maximum Lift Cream Peroxide 30 Vol (use 40 Vol if you have light to dark brown hair) to be used with Bblonde Powder Bleach. I asked a friend to help me with the back of my head as I wanted the most even results. 

You will need plastic gloves, mixing bowl, applicator brush and development hat. I suggest having a timer and old towel close to hand too. I found watching the tutorials online first a big help, they can be found at

I found the cream peroxide and powder bleach worked well with my hair. 

However, I did find my hair was left with a yellow hue - but all was not lost as I was send a toner too!

Maximum Blonde Toner: Platinum is great is make sure your hair is platinum and not the scary 'yellow' it can first look after being bleached. It neutralises yellow and brassy tones while refreshing the colour. A bonus being it contains no ammonia or peroxide (and it will not turn your hair purple!)

(My natural hair)
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